Designing Our Built Environment.

The craft of architecture is like a dance with the natural environment. It’s process starts with steps and builds the sequence with movement. It’s built layer by layer, gesture by gesture until everything fits into place. Like a tango, it takes two. The architect and client must work closely together every step of the way to craft a foundation as solid as concrete.

Greg Wattier, AIA

Raised in Arizona by a Contractor father, I learned early to love the art and creation of building. As an Architect, I’m a contributor to the built environment and I take that responsibility very serious by understanding how my decisions and selections effect the environment. I’m also passionate about place specific design and solving complex problems with solutions that inspire and touch the soul. On a personal note, I married the love of my life Sandi and believe my legacy is in my children and the people’s lives I impact.

Origin Story

Anywhere in the desert Southwest, when you look across a vista, you see layers upon layers of topography—captivating, multifaceted, one building upon the next to form depth and a beautiful whole. This is my approach to architecture, an approach that has been defined and developed throughout the many layers of my professional life in my architecture, building, teaching and writing. Combining these many layers inform me and Strataz. I’m inspired as I reconnect with my desert home and invigorated as I design solutions that better connect people to place and to one another.

“Working with Greg Wattier is one of the best experiences I have had in my professional career.  Greg is a great listener and he is one of the best problem solvers I have worked with.  He does not come to a situation with a preconceived notion of what should be done but rather takes in the stakeholders, the existing framework, the vision and works to solve for the best outcome.”

— Jake Christensen
President, Christensen Development

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